Solution to fix the error that Prestashop always logout from Admin Panel, acting on the database or server.

Continuous logout from admin panel in Prestashop

The problem occurs immediately after logging into the Prestashop Admin Panel; it is impossible any action even go to any section of the Admin section including configuring options

The causes of this problem are likely to be attributed to Cloudflare as it masks the Server’s real IP and does not make Prestashop’s Cookies that verify the Server’s source IP work properly.

Some users point out that Prestashop always logs off from Admin Panel even with Varnish.

WARNING. The steps below should be performed by experienced people as they are potentially dangerous and could damage the server. If you do not know what you are doing you can request a free quote.

Solution continuous disconnection from Prestashop admin

There are three different types of solutions to this problem, with three different levels of difficulty.

  1. Simple Solution

    Disable Cloudflare or Varnish for the domain where you have Prestashop installed

  2. Intermediate Solution

    go to the database where prestashop is installed and bring the value of PS_COOKIE_CHECKIP to 0 by running this query

    UPDATE `ps_configuration` 
    SET value = 0

    CAUTION. Check that the prefix of the tables is “ps_”; if not, replace “ps_” with your prefix

  3. Complex Solution

    Follow our guide
    Install mod_cloudflare for Apache

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