Gogodigital is specialized in Accessible Websites Realization, developing sites usable by any type of user.

What are Accessible Sites

Accessible sites are those sites that must be easily usable even by people with any kind of sensory, motor or physical disability.

Realizing Accessible Web Sites

They are designed to be used by all types of visitors, regardless of their abilities and needs. In addition to improving the experience of users with disabilities, accessible sites provide better usability and a more satisfying user experience for all site visitors.

Accessible Websites Features

The characteristics that an accessible site absolutely must have are:

  • high contrast version
  • keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for menus
  • Accessibility bar for text resizing, high contrast and liquid layout
  • compliance with the W3C XHTML 1.0 standard
  • WAI-ARIA support
  • compliance with WCAG AA color contrast values
  • compliance with margins and padding on clickable elements
  • correctly labeled form elements

Who needs to make Accessible Sites

Those required by the Stanca Law to develop accessible sites are public administrations and investees or subsidiaries, including municipalities and all entities that provide a service under contract from a public administration.

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