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Joomla, the first widely used CMS on the Open Source market and generally one of the most popular dynamic content management systems on the web.

Features of Joomla sites

Joomla sites offer many advanced features, the main ones being:

  1. Joomla uses a form system that allows you to customize your website into easily editable blocks of content
  2. Joomla is highly extensible due to the wide range of extensions available divided into components, modules and plugins
  3. Joomla supports multilingual management, which allows you to create a website in different languages with a single interface
  4. Joomla offers advanced user management, which allows you to create user accounts, manage access and permissions for different areas of the website
  5. Joomla is designed to be robust and secure and offers many advanced security features

The Benefits of a Joomla Site

The main advantages of a Joomla site are:

  • Modular Structure
  • Open Source Platform
  • Ease to use for the end customer
  • Suitable for different needs and site types
  • Default SEO settings
  • Simple yet functional advanced text editor

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