Gogodigital, Yii2 Developers, specializes in the analysis, design and implementation of web platforms based on the Yii2 Framework, one of the best PHP-based web libraries available to the Open Source Community along with Symfony.

What is Yii2 Framework

Yii2 is high-performance PHP framework for fast development of modern, high-performance and secure web applications. Due to its modular architecture and cache support it is suitable and any kind of large-scale project such as custom CMS, custom CRM, Custom Management, Data Structures supporting Mobile Applications for iOS or Android.

Develop Yii2 Framework

With a deep understanding of the Yii2 Framework, over time our Yii2 developers have built management, CRM and CMS, as well as Webservices and Data Structures to support Native Apps in Android and iOS.

The Benefits of Yii2 Development

Here are the main advantages that Yii2 Developers can take advantage of:

  • High performance: Yii2 is designed to provide high performance through the use of cache and efficient resource management
  • Advanced security: Yii2 includes advanced security features, such as CSRF protection, handling XSS and SQL injection attacks, and cookie encryption
  • Extendability: Yii2 supports the creation of custom extensions and components, which allows the framework to be tailored to the specific needs of the project

Yii2 Modules and Components

Over time, we have built several modules and components for Yii2 that are present on our github profile and released to the Open Source community.

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