Gogodigital is specialized in Social Media Marketing, for the visibility of websites and ecommerce sites through Social Media.

What is Social Media Marking

By Social Media Marketing(SMM), we mean all those strategies aimed at generating visibility through the use of social media and virtual communities.

Social Media Marketing encompasses a range of practices from online user relationship management, website positioning, and web page optimization within social media (SMO, Social Media Optimization) such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…

These strategies involve the use of social media as the preferred channel of communication and interaction with the target audience.

Social Media Marking Services

The goal is to create a closer and more trusting relationship with potential customers, increasing their brand awareness and generating traffic to the company’s website.

End user, the customer, is no longer seen as a passive subject who is subjected to the information that the company wants to convey but as an active operative who can make himself and others increase their trust in the brand.

  • optimization of web pages
  • Social Analysis integration
  • Integrated communication on every platform that the Web provides
  • design and management of advertising campaigns
  • creation and management of social profiles
  • design and implementation of landing pages
  • influencer marketing

The most important Social Media

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