Gogodigital, for more than 15 years in the web development industry, offers Hybrid App development service for Android and iOS.

What Hybrid App are

A Hybrid App is an App that retains both the features of a Native App and a Web App. The App’s backbone structure is then built with the manufacturers’ official libraries (SDKs), but the main functionalities work through normal web pages optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc…

How Hybrid App work

This type of App, halfway between a Native App and a Web App, is generally composed of a user interface developed with the official SDK and the functionality that is instead implemented through classic web languages such as html, css, javascript, jQuery, etc.

This hybrid nature allows the App to be downloaded from the official stores, App Store for Apple devices and Play Store for Android devices.

Hybrid App Advantages

The main advantage of Hybrid App is in their extreme simplicity and manageability. App development through SDK is more complex, time-consuming, and therefore expensive.

Developing only the interface with SDK instead allows for two Apps present on the two main stores but with a single core formed by the functionality in web format.

This also allows for much lower maintenance and update costs than a Native App, making it cheaper in the short and long run.

Another strength of Hybrid App is the fact that they can access most of the features characteristic of mobile devices such as:

  • Camera
  • Geolocation
  • Calendar
  • Accelerometer
  • Push Notifications

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