Gogodigital is specialized in CMS Sites Realization, with open source platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Prestashop.

Websites Realization can be faster, more efficient and cheaper with the use of CMSs, which provide an excellent basis for structuring a site.

The advantages of building a site with a CMS

  • CMSs are dynamic content management systems and allow site content to be created, edited or deleted quickly and easily;
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) allow our clients, even those without special computer skills, to manage their site content independently;
  • Open Source CMSs, have vital communities full of developers who daily release guides, updates and new extensions, improving security, interface and functionality;
  • The costs of a CMS platform-based site, starting with a ready-made structure, are significantly lower than developing from scratch;
  • Websites developed with CMS have strong extensibility, because they allow future changes and new features to be processed quickly and easily;
  • CMS sites allow for advanced and secure User Management, enabling the creation of user groups to which specific permissions can be assigned;

Best Open Source CMS

  • Joomla: probably the most popular CMS on the web and one of the most internationally awarded. It owes its fame mostly to the large community that constantly releases updates and extensions, free and paid; intuitive interface, flexibility, extensibility and ease of use for the user complete the picture;
  • Drupal: another very powerful CMS with a rich and vibrant community. For a long time it has been the best CMS with advanced features for permission management now also developed in Joomla starting with version 2.5. It is particularly suitable for complex sites that make extensive use of the database;
  • WordPress: its extreme simplicity has made it one of the most popular web applications in the world especially for blog and newspaper header development. Over time it has also become a powerful CMS that can facilitate the development of more complex web portals;
  • Magento: probably the best CMS exclusively dedicated to the online sale of products. One of the main advantages this type of CMS for ecommerce is to find all the latest features required for online sales always available even if very often for a fee, a higher level of security than the competition and an eye for SEO optimization. It features a very advanced but unintuitive Control Panel so it is suitable for large companies;
  • Prestashop: the main feature of this product is the separation between the actual application that relies on a MySQL database and the graphic part delegated to the Template Engine Smarty. It features a very intuitive but not very advanced Control Panel that make it ideal for small and medium-sized companies;

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