Gogodigital, for more than 15 years in the web development industry, offers Native App development service for Android and iOS.

What are Native App

Native App are applications developed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets through libraries, called SDKs(Software Development Kits).

SDKs are made available by the manufacturers themselves and allow APPs to be uploaded to the stores, App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Android).

Android App Development

Realize a Native App for Android means developing through the Android Studio Tool, a very intuitive and efficient IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

With Android Studio you can use the Android SDK, which consists of different types of tools such as programs, emulators, and platforms for each version of Android.

iOS App Development

Realize a Native App for iOS means developing through the Xcode tool, an IDE that can be used exclusively on macOS, which supports different types of languages including theiOS SDK.

Native App Realization

We are able to develop native apps, providing comprehensive assistance through the entire implementation journey, starting from design, through implementation, publishing, management and promotion on the respective stores.

We develop Native Apps for both Google Android and Apple iOS devices.

Wedevelop web interfaces to easily manage the content that is to be visible on the Apps.

We can easily integrate content with any type of App from Native Apps, to Web Apps via Hybrid Apps.

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