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Drupal has been the most comprehensive Open Source CMS on the web for many years, making scalability and extensibility its strong points along with a very high level of security.

These features make it widely used especially for the development of complex enterprise-class platforms or for institutional sites such as local government and public administration sites because of the ability to make sites accessible.

It follows that creating, managing, and updating drupal sites is slightly more complex than that of wordpress sites, but in return Drupal provides greater robustness and security.

Features of Drupal sites

Drupal sites offer many advanced features, the main ones being:

  1. Drupal uses a form system that allows the website to be customized into easily editable blocks of content
  2. Drupal is highly extensible thanks to the wide range of modules available in the Download and Extend section
  3. Drupal supports multilingual management, which allows you to create a website in different languages with a single interface
  4. Drupal offers advanced user management, which allows you to create user accounts, manage access and permissions for different areas of the website
  5. Drupal is designed to be robust and secure and offers many advanced security features

The Advantages of a Drupal Site

The main advantages of a Drupal site are:

  • Open Source Platform
  • Advanced content and user management
  • Extensibility
  • Scalability
  • Very high level of security

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