Gogodigital, for more than 15 years in web application development business , offers Web App development service for Android and iOS systems.

What are Web App

It is an app for mobile devices, such as iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, developed with Web-oriented languages such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, etc…

They differ from Native App in that the latter must be built with the specific Tools of each Store, Android SDK for Android and iOS SDK for Apple.

Web App are then accessible through a Web Browser and do not need to be downloaded from the Play Store (Android) or Apple’sApp Store.

Web App Advantages

The main advantages of Web-side App development are:

  • Accessibility: can be used from any device with a web browser, without the need to install APP on the device
  • Automatic updates: updates are made server-side and are available to all users without the need to download new versions
  • Reduced Costs: they are cheaper than native applications, both for development and deployment
  • Ease of use: they are intuitive and easy to use, thanks to the cross-platform nature
  • Security: being physically on remote servers, users sensitive data are protected by highly secure servers and firewalls

Web App Realization

We are able to develop web app, providing comprehensive assistance through the entire commissioning path, starting from design, through implementation, publication, management and promotion on the respective stores.

We also develop web interfaces in which the client can easily insert, edit and delete Web App content, allowing it to be managed completely independently.

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