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Making Responsive Sites

Responsive sites mean all those sites made to be easily usable on different mobile devices such as smartphones and latest generation tablets such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S Series and Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc…

By now, much of the world’s Internet traffic comes from mobile devices of all kinds. Recent research by the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast 2017 – 2021 testifies how this traffic has now become superior to traffic from non-mobile devices and will reach nearly80 percent of the world’s Internet traffic in 2022.

This growth will be even more evident in Italy given the very high number of smartphones and tablets sold each year. It becomes clear that attracting traffic to your website with a layout designed and optimized for these devices is critical.

In recent times, the responsive methodology for creating easily usable and usable websites has become popular as it is much more efficient than the previous concept of making two separate versions of the site for Pc and for Mobile.

SEO and Responsive Optimization

Even Search Engines now demand responsive sites by rewarding them with top rankings in search queries and relegating non-optimized sites to secondary search positions.

The benefits of a Responsive site

  • you can avoid having to enter and duplicate content on two different versions and manage everything through a single user interface;
  • a site designed for mobile, is meant to be very fast and efficient, with very intuitive navigation and fast loading times;
  • Google in its guidelines recommends responsive as the best method to make the site appealing to search engine spiders;
  • Allows to avoid the splitting of URLs pointing to the same content

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