What is a Hybrid APP? A Hybrid App is a type of mobile application that combines both the features of Native Apps and Web Apps.

Hybrid Apps

Have you ever wondered what is a hybrid APP? Hybrid Applications are developed using Web-side languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (characteristic of Web APPs) but are embedded within a Native APP that provides direct access to device features such as the camera, accelerometer, push messages, etc…

They can be downloaded directly from the respective manufacturers’ stores such as the
App Store
from Apple and the
Play Store
of Android.

Advantages of a Hybrid APP

The advantages of a Hybrid APP are:

  • Reduced costs: hybrid app development saves time. It is possible to use a single web technology to create apps for multiple platforms (both Apple and Android); you will only need to develop the “container APPs,” specific to each manufacturer
  • Reduced time: hybrid app development is generally faster than Native App development because the code is reusable across multiple platforms and web based technologies are simpler, faster and documented
  • Accessibility to device features: Hybrid Apps have access to key device features such as the camera, GPS, accelerometer, and push messages through the use of a “native container”
  • Easier maintenance: Hybrid Apps can be easily updated and maintained, as most of the code is written with simple and common web technologies

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