What is a Native APP? It is an application for mobile devices, such as iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, developed exclusively with the libraries provided by the manufacturers.

What is a Native App

Each Smartphone operating system provides developers with libraries called SDK, software development kits, to develop applications for each device. Thus, such an APP is an APP developed exclusively with the SDK of the smartphone device.

APPs developed through manufacturers’ official libraries are distinguished from the Web APPs, which, on the other hand, are applications developed completely or partially through web-side libraries such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc…

Advantages of a Native APP

The advantages of a Web APP are:

  • As they are developed with the developers’ SDK, they allow the full use and exploitation of the device’s potential
  • They have generally much higher performance and speed
  • They make the most of operating system features, providing a more consistent and intuitive user experience for users
  • They access all the features of the device, such as the camera, microphone, sensors, etc.
  • They use special features such as Push notifications that Web APPs cannot take advantage of
  • They work even when there is no internet connection, if they do not make external requests
  • They use the built-in security features of the operating system

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